How To Move A Business To A New Location

Are you the owner of a budding and successful business? If you think it is time to change the location of your business, you are at the right place.

All office movers in Maple Ridge know how important and exciting a step of this nature is to you. However, it can also turn out to be demanding of your time and attention. Because of this some companies even avoid moving and postpone it and keep staying in expensive yet ineffective and difficult spaces. We are here to tell you that you can be different.

We can help you with the complete process of planning a successful business move, preparing and coming up with a checklist for moving your office and the set of rules you need to follow to make sure your complete moving procedure is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. This way you can make sure the impact on your profitability is negligible during the move.

How To Move A Business

How Can You Find A New Place?

If you want a great new place for your business, make sure that it is effective in terms of cost and aligns with the goals and needs of the company. There should also be enough space for your operations and probable space for expansion in the future.

The new place should also satisfy your motive to move in the first place. You should also consider looking into the availability of transport links to the new facility, so the move will be tolerable for your employees.

Something else you can find details about is the availability of a local job market from which you can hire new staff if needed for future requirements.

Appraise Your Business

Take some time and study all parts and equipment available in the current office. This will help you in figuring out what you need to discard and which things you need to take with you when planning a successful business move.

Prepare A Scheduled Plan

When you have appraised your current work premises, then you can begin planning the execution of each phase of the move. This will help you avoid overseeing anything of importance. Prepare for the office move beforehand and schedule each task according to the timeline of your move. An important step in a successful business move is to allocate each phase of the moving plan to someone.

Consider Hiring A Maple Ridge Moving Service

If it feels too overwhelming to carry out the complete relocation on your own, you can hire an expert in the field to help you out. They will not only provide professional knowledge but also will have the resources that will enable you to move in a shorter time with higher efficiency.

A moving company Maple Ridge will also provide:

  • Assistance during, before and after moving
  • Transport items to the new premises safely.
  • Assembly and disassembly of the furniture
  • Tidying up the new place
Hiring A Maple Ridge Moving Service

Communicate Effectively

Who should know that you are moving?

Notice Your Staff

It is obligatory that you inform your moving plans to the staff. An announcement of this nature will naturally raise anxious feelings among the staff. Therefore, take a sensitive approach when making the announcement.

Other Stakeholders To Be Informed

You need to let your landlords, clients, banks, suppliers and other associates know about the move.

You can do this by:

  • Running an email/ postal campaign
  • Add an announcement in company websites and social media
  • Change the address on online platforms such as google

Estimate The Complete Expenditure On The Move

A successful business move will have various costs both hidden and potential. Determine what these cost items are and create a budget for moving that can be flexible when the need arises.

Professional Packing

You need to have the right supplies to pack all your items safely. Some of these items you will need are packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, furniture sliders, tape for packing, labels and moving blankets. This will ensure that none of your valuable items are damaged.

In Conclusion

It is not easy to carry out a successful business move with minimum consequences to the business operation. However, a professional mover can help you do exactly that. So, contact a professional moving service in Maple Ridge today to carry out your business move successfully and smoothly.